Tyson Fury is the indisputable king of the heavyweights.

The "Gypsy King" knocked out Deontay Wilder in the seventh round of their highly anticipated rematch in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Fury dominated throughout the fight, bringing the action to Wilder from the first round and never letting up. Fury controlled the fight he didn't allow the heavy-handed American to line up his near-fatal right hand cannon for a knockout blow.

Instead, Fury kept the fight close and worked Wilder continuously through seven rounds until the referee decided enough was enough.

Fury seemed to know he was in control from the opening bell, and didn't hesitate to show it. In the sixth round, with the fight seemingly well in hand, Fury tied Wilder up and found a moment to lick the blood off of his opponents neck.

It was a show of dominance that was affirmed when the fight ended just minutes later. Halfway through the seventh round, after Fury had once again backed Wilder into a corner, the referee stopped the fight.

The Gypsy King wears the crown.

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