There's little doubt that Patrick Mahomes and the prolific Kansas City Chiefs offense are capable of putting up lots of points on the board.

But no one could have expected the Chiefs' scoring explosion that came during their Divisional Round playoff game afternoon not even Kansas City's home stadium.

Arrowhead Stadium was ill-equipped to adequately celebrate the Chiefs' 51-31 victory over Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans, which featured seven Kansas City touchdowns in the final three quarters. Since Arrowhead typically marks each of the Chiefs' touchdowns with a firework display, the stadium wound up running out of fireworks midway through Sunday's contest.

Multiple NFL reporters tweeted that Arrowhead Stadium made an announcement about the sudden lack of fiery touchdown celebrations.

Kansas City's showing marked one of the largest comebacks in NFL playoff history. Never before had a team come back from a more than 20-point deficit to beat their opponent by 20+ points in a postseason game. Now, the Chiefs will host the Tennessee Titans next Sunday for the AFC Championship game.

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