More than five months after Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors, the relationship between Durant and Russell Westbrook still remains icy.

However, as evidenced during the Warriors' 121-100 win over the Thunder last night, Westbrook doesn't appear ready to forgive Durant for breaking up a perennial contender to join, well, another perennial contender. The two teams' first meeting in November lacked much actual Westbrook-Durant drama (besides for a curious pregame outfit by Westbrook), but in the third quarter Wednesday night, a brief exchange highlighted some palpable tension.

It began with a monstrous dunk by Westbrook, as he elevated past Durant for the jam. Afterward, he told Durant "Don't jump." The two exchanged words down the floor as Durant then called for the ball and hit a transition three.

On the next play, Westbrook turned it over and Durant came back and drew a foul. Afterward, the two continued exchanging some words, and from the looks of it, it wasn't very friendly.

It was after the game, however, that showed the true icy nature of their relationship. As players walked off the court, cameras caught Westbrook yelling at Enes Kanter not to talk to Durant, using some choice, expletive words to describe Durant. Warning: language.

Westbrook was asked after the game if he's on speaking terms with Durant, and he replied flatly, "No." When asked about their third-quarter exchange, Westbrook said, "

Durant was also asked about the third-quarter exchange with Westbrook and clearly did not want to go into details, saying, "