• The Patriots and Rams will meet at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta to play in Super Bowl LIII on February 3.
  • Fans attending the game will be treated to the stadium's "Fan First Menu Pricing" which includes $2 hot dogs, $3 nachos, and $5 beer a massive improvement on concession prices compared to recent Super Bowls.
  • The affordable concessions are part of the stadium's plan to keep fans happy, and could potentially become a trend that many teams in the league soon follow.
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Super Bowl LIII is officially set, with the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots meeting at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Sunday, February 3 to battle for the Lombardi Trophy.

Tickets for the big game are always expensive, and fans looking to attend the game in person can expect to be set back at least $3,000 or so just to get in the door.

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But this year there's at least one deal that won't hurt the wallets of sports fans concession prices.

Fans at Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be treated to the arena's "Fan First Menu Pricing," which includes $2 popcorn, pretzels, hot dogs, soda, and water, $3 waffle fries and nachos, and $5 draft beers.

The affordable concessions come as a considerable break from recent history when arenas have taken full advantage of the high-spending crowds the Super Bowl draws.

At Super Bowl LII between the Patriots and Eagles, U.S. Bank Stadium was charging $7 for bottles of soda, $13 for domestic beer cans, and $35 for specialty cocktails.

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In years past, the story was the same, with daunting prices for what should be reasonably affordable food.

But rather than gouge fans who paid big bucks for Super Bowl tickets, the Falcons opted instead to make concessions at Mercedes-Benz Stadium a fan-first experience a decision that was made before the stadium even opened.

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The Falcons' decision to make concessions more affordable has already paid off in a big way, with fans increasing their spending on concessions and merchandise since the deal's inception, and has inspired similar deals in other stadiums across the league.

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When the time came to invite fans from across the league to take in the Super Bowl, the decision to keep prices low was an easy one.

"We said this in our negotiations with the SEC, the college football championship, the Super Bowl, and the Final Four ... what we basically said is every customer that comes through that door is our customer,'' Falcons president and CEO Rich McKay told ESPN in a phone interview . "So we want to treat all those customers the same and give them the same experience in food and beverage."

For fans going to the Super Bowl, there's still no way to avoid spending big between tickets, hotels, flights, and the myriad of other costs that come up when attending the biggest event in American sports, but this year, you'll at least be able to get an affordable meal and beverage once you're through the gates.

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