• Floyd Mayweather is returning to the ring, he says.
  • Mayweather, 41, is retired from professional boxing but is enjoying a post-fight career taking part in exhibition bouts around the world.
  • The American says he will return to Japan for a second exhibition bout in July, having knocked Tenshin Nasukawa down three times in his first just two months ago.
  • It could lead to a further five exhibitions throughout the year.

Floyd Mayweather says he will return to Japan for another exhibition fight in July.

Mayweather, 41, retired from professional boxing after his 10th round stoppage victory against the UFC fighter Conor McGregor in 2017.

He has since been linked with a swansong in the UFC , in a deal that could reportedly generate billions , but preferred to contest an unofficial exhibition against Tenshin Nasukawa two months ago.

He beat the promising Japanese kickboxer Nasukawa at a December 31 show in Saitama, Japan, winning comfortably after three knockdowns in the first round.

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The American banked approximately $9 million for the fight, and it has seemingly whet his appetite for a return as he told TMZ Sports this week that he has another planned in July, with the prospect of more throughout the year.

"I got exhibitions I got another one in Japan in July," he said, before adding it will be another three round fight and will make him $10 million.

The exhibition would be fought using boxing rules, "always my rules," Mayweather said, and could lead to "four or five" more throughout the rest of the year earning him $80 million.

It is unclear who the July opponent would be, but Mayweather said he is Japanese and a former boxer.

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