Nigerian Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo departed the country on Tuesday, July 11, 2017, to meet his boss for the first time Since May 7, 2017, in London.

According to a report from the Reuters, Osinbajo met President Muhammadu Buhari at the country’s High Commission in London for an hour. He later headed back to the country early this morning to lead the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting.

President Buhari has left Nigeria for over two months (66 days) to continue his medical treatment of undisclosed ailment in London.

The spokesman of the acting president, Mr. Laolu Akande also confirmed the development in a Twitter message.

"Osinbajo meeting with President Buhari in London today, and returning to Abuja immediately afterwards."

Though President Buhari has transferred power to his deputy to avoid any power void, there is still a lot of power struggle at the seat of power, Aso Rock.

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The first obvious power struggle was noted in the letter communicating the transfer of power to the acting president. It was stated in the letter that Osinbajowill be coordinating the government in place of an express use of the term “Acting President.”

The legislative arm quickly saved the day by stating that there is no position as coordinator of government in the constitution of Nigeria. Hence, Osinbajo is to be accorded all powers and accolades of an acting president.

Another scenario is the appropriateness of the acting president’s power to sign into law the 2017 budget. A lot of political intrigues that ensued point to the fact that there is no convergence of power within the presidency.

The Executive-Legislative war on alterations of some important provisions of the 2017 budget also delayed the document signing for another three weeks. It took compromise from both arms of government for a resolution to be reached.

Details about the intent and content of yesterday’s London briefing session with President Buhari is not known at the moment. Many public affairs analysts has noted that it may be a move to further re-enforce Buhari's trust in the acting president.