Valentine's Day is a special occasion set aside for the celebration of love. On this day, it is the usual practice to share gifts as a way to show your partner how much you care for them.

While some get really wonderful gifts like a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, a weekend getaway at a fancy resort or even a wedding proposal, others have not been so lucky.

Business Insider SSA asked seven young Nigerians to share their terrible Valentine's day stories and we got some pretty interesting answers.

Here are their worst Valentine's Day gifts:

- Segun says, "My girlfriend had sex with me." While this might not seem so bad for some people, it was completely terrible for him because he believes that this is not a gift. 

In his words, "Sex is not a Valentine's day gift. No one should ever bring that thing to me as a gift." For emphasis, he adds, "Sex is not a gift at all. So I will never let anyone tell me that."

Segun was definitely not happy with his gift

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- "I got flowers for a girl one time for valentines day, turns out she was allergic" - Adedayo.

- "My worst Valentine's day gift was body wash", Teni tells BI SSA. This is a bad gift because she says this implies that she has body odour.

- "I found out my boyfriend was cheating on valentine's day, of all days" - Ini

- "Nothing, after everything I do in this relationship, I got nothing" - Olla.

Angery woman

- "I got dumped on Val's Day" - Remi.

- "Singlet and boxers" - Olisa.

Feel free to draw some inspiration on what not to give your partner on this special day.

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