• The Move seat concept was created by London-based design firm Layer for Airbus .
  • The seats are made from lightweight polyester wood smart textile wrapped around an aluminum frame.
  • Electrical currents running through the smart textile allow passengers to control the firmness and the temperature of the seat.
  • Move seats can be adjusted using an app.
  • According to Layer, the seats are meant to help create an innovative passenger experience for economy class travelers.

Modern slimline airplane seats are awful. They are lighter and thinner, which is good for airlines. For passengers flying in economy, it feels like you've sat on a thin yoga mat for three hours.

We've seen a bevy of airplane seat patents and concepts in recent years. They range from interesting to downright terrifying .

The Airbus Move seat concept is one of the interesting ones.

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The Move seat concept was created for Airbus by London-based design firm Layer as an exploration into how smart textiles can improve passenger comfort in economy class while helping airlines save weight and fuel.

"At Layer, we believe good design should be accessible to all. All too often, new concepts for flying are focused on innovation in business class," Benjamin Hubert, Layer's founder, said in a statement. "We were excited to take on this project with Airbus to find ways to improve and add value to the economy class experience for both the passenger and the airline."

The Move seat took 18 months to create and are a part of an ongoing partnership between Layer and Airbus.

For now, the seat remains a prototype.

Here's a closer look at the Move smart seats by Airbus and Layer.

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