• AirlineRatings revealed its picks for the world's 20 safest airlines in 2020.
  • Asian-Pacific, Middle Eastern and European carriers dominated the list.
  • US carriers accounted for only two entries on the list.
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Despite recent events including the crash of Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 and two Boeing 737 Max aircraft crashes in 2018, air travel via commercial airlines is still widely regarded as one of the safest forms of travel. In 2019, only 14 airliner aircraft suffered fatal crashes out of over 39 million flights, Forbes reported.

AirlineRatings recently unveiled its list of the 20 safest airlines for 2020, which it creates with the help of industry professionals. The list takes into account more than just accidents with factors such as "safety, innovation, and launching of new aircraft" affecting an airline's ranking.

Here's which airlines the website believes to be the safest in the skies this year.

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