In an agricultural village in Nagaoka, a city in Japan's Niigata Prefecture, sits a tent-shaped house called Hara House .

Takeru Shoji Architects , an architecture design studio based in Japan, built the house at the request of a family who wanted to add a building that would compliment and revitalize the structures that already exist on their estate. Those other structures include things like the main family house , a work shed , a parking area , and a greenhouse .

"Instead of designing a conventional fully self reliant building, we aspired to create a buoyant and bustling hub," Takeru Shoji Architects wrote of the project on its website . "We designed a space where passing neighbors, friends, and children can easily stop by to chit-chat under the entrance porch, or workshop meetings and events hosted in the space can spill out to the land."

The two-story house looks like a tent and boasts triangular openings on both the east and west sides. Takeru Shoji Architects' vision, as explained on the firm's website, was to create one large, cohesive space by limiting the amount of storage spaces , walls , and private rooms inside the home.

Here's a look inside.

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