In July, Wealth-X released their findings on which US colleges have produced the most millionaires .

The study focused on those alumni deemed to be ultra-high net worth (UHNW) individuals: those with fortunes of $30 million or more. The report analyzed the Wealth-X database of the world's wealthiest people and used Wealth-X's Wealth and Investable Assets Model to estimate the number of UHNW alumni and their fortunes.

The report concluded that, globally, the US tops the list of nations with the most universities producing UHNW graduates. The top school, both globally and nationally, is Harvard, which was found to have about 13,650 UHNW alumni over double the amount of Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania, which respectively ranked No. 2 and No. 3 on both the US and global lists.

The study also found that in the US, six out of the eight Ivy League universities ranked in the top 20. Private universities also dominated the list, with only five public institutions placing within the top 20.

In addition, the Wealth-X study found that most UHNW individuals who graduated from these institutions have wealth that is considered "self-made."

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Interestingly, the top UHNW-producing schools aren't the same ones producing the most self-made millionaires. Keep reading to find out which American universities can count the most self-made millionaires among their UHNW alumni.

(Note that all UHNW alumni population figures and self-made wealth percentages are estimates from Wealth-X.)

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