GoBankingRates just released their annual round-up of the richest small towns in every US State.

To determine the richest small towns, GoBankingRates analyzed income data from the US Census Bureau, specifically focusing on locations with 500 to 15,000 households.

The towns featured typically have median incomes well over $100,000, high home values , lower unemployment rates than the latest US average of 3.6% , and in turn, higher costs of living.

For example, Clyde Hill, a town outside of Seattle Washington, has a cost of living that is 318% higher than the national average. However, that's far from the highest figure on this list; the wealthiest tiny town in the entire country (Atherton, California) has a cost of living that is a whopping 813.5% higher than the national average.

Keep reading to find out the richest enclaves in each US state, listed in alphabetical order by state.

All population, median income, and median home value data is sourced from the US Census Bureau and is the latest available data at the time of publication.

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