American suburbs are growing increasingly popular.

In fact, around 175 million Americans live in the country's suburbs that's more than half the country's current total population, which is around 329 million .

A suburb, according to Merriam-Webster , is a residential area that is adjacent to or within commuting distance of a city.

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Factors like good public schools and low crime rates can make certain suburbs more desirable than others. And as is so often the case, desirable areas come with expensive price tags attached.

With the help of Zillow , Business Insider has uncovered the most expensive suburb in every state.

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To create this list, Zillow first ranked the communities in each state by highest to lowest median home value. From there, the data analyst found the community in each state that has the highest median home value and is located within a major metro area, defining this as the state's most expensive suburb.

Keep reading to find out if your suburb made the list.

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