There's no way around it: Getting a college degree is expensive. But in many industries, having (at minimum) a Bachelor's degree is mandatory.

As tuition prices continue to soar right alongside the national student-loan debt burden many prospective college students and parents alike are wondering whether pursuing higher education is really worth the cost in the end.

In fact, as Business Insider's Hillary Hoffower previously reported , an INSIDER and Morning Consult survey showed that nearly half of indebted millennials think college wasn't worth taking out loans.

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While there's no shortage of rankings that attempt to determine the "best" college by a variety of metrics, Money's 2019 ranking of the Best Colleges in America puts a particular focus on value to determine which institutions are most worth their price.

Money looked at data collected and analyzed by American Institutes for Research (AIR) researcher Dr. Audrey Peek , research associate Deaweh Benson, and research assistant Merykokeb Belay, according to their breakdown of the ranking methodology . Using the 19,000 data points collected in the analysis, Money's editorial staff made the final ranking decisions, considering 26 factors across categories including quality of education, affordability, and career earnings reported by alumni. The ranking factored in average aid amounts in determining the approximate "net" cost of tuition.

Read on to see which schools give graduates the most bang for their buck, according to Money, ranked in increasing order of value.

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