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Lifestyle Scientists say being single is an advantage

With much ado about Valentines Day, scientists have provided single people with hope.

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Scientists say being single is an advantage play

Scientists say being single is an advantage

(NBC News)

According to Business Insider, a few reports have shown that there are numerous benefits of being single and having a lot of alone time is considered an advantage.

It pays to be single, scientists have said. Spinsters and bachelors should therefore not despair if they do not have loving partners, three days to Valentine’s Day.

Single people tend to have stronger social networks, tend to be physically fitter, and develop more as individuals as they embrace solitude, according to the report.

Scientists have found that singles are more likely to frequently reach out to their social networks, and are also more likely to provide and receive help from them, which could boost their happiness and benefit their overall well-being.

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A survey of more than 13,000 adults led to the conclusion that those who were single and had never married worked out more frequently than those who were married and divorced. Another study found that single people had slightly lower average BMIs (Body Mass Index) than married ones.

Other studies have also found the connection between solitude and an increased sense of freedom, a higher level of creativity and enhanced productivity, and single people are more likely to experience personal growth psychologically.

So, for those who are single, when couples celebrate this year’s Valentine’s with a romantic candlelight dinner, it’s time to take yourself on a date and celebrate your solitude and development.