• The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will give up every aspect of royal life when they officially resign in April.
  • Its been rumored that they relocated to Vancouver island, but they reportedly moved to LA before Canada's coronavirus border closure last week.
  • As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's lives will change considerably, their son's will too.
  • Even though Prince Harry (and 15 other royals) attended the notorious Eton College , baby Archie will probably not.
  • But he'll undoubtedly receive a top-tier education. Business Insider rounded up potential playgrounds for him in Los Angeles and across Canada, including his mother's alma mater, a school Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau taught at, and another school Trudeau attended himself.
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Meghan MarkleandPrince Harry announced their plans to step back from their royal duties and titles in January. They will officially shut down their office at Buckingham Palace and stop receiving funds from the "sovereign grant" on April 1.

It was rumored the pair would relocate to Canada they've been spending time on Vancouver Island but they reportedly moved to LA last week before Canada's border closed amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Their lives will change in a number of ways but so will their son's.

Archie Mountbatten-Windsor is ten months old, and while he was born a royal, he won't be raised as one. His father attended Eton College, an elite boarding school outside of London that members of the royal family traditionally attend, but Archie will most likely not follow in his footsteps.

Even though he won't attend Eton, which has been referred to as "the nursery of England's gentlemen," Archie will probably receive a similarly top-tier education in Canada or Hollywood.

Business Insider rounded up a few posh places he could land when it's finally time for Archie to attend school. Elite prep schools on this list could have tuitions as high as nearly $80,000.

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