The Cuomo family is one of the most notable dynasties in New York's political history. The late Mario Cuomo was the governor of New York for over a decade, serving three terms. His eldest son, Andrew, is the current governor of New York, while his youngest son, Chris, is a primetime news anchor on CNN.

In recent weeks, the Cuomo family has been in the national spotlight due to the praise Andrew has been receiving for the way he's handling New York's coronavirus outbreak . New York State has over 30,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with over 17,500 cases in New York City alone, according to CNN's latest updates as of Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Chris Cuomo has been covering the pandemic on CNN. The two brothers actually went on air together to talk about the virus; a now-trending clip shows the brothers not only talking about the pandemic, but also getting into a brotherly tiff about who is their mother's favorite child .

Representatives for Andrew and Chris Cuomo didn't immediately respond to request for comment from Business Insider regarding the brothers' personal lives, careers, real estate, earnings, and respective controversies.

Keep reading to find out more about the Cuomo family and some of its most prominent members.

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