We really don't deserve dogs, but at least we can award them for being so wonderful.

This July, a six-month old golden retriever named Todd saved his owner, Paula Godwin, from a rattlesnake bite. He was recently crowned winner of the first ever " target="_blank"Milk-Bone Dog of the Year" award at the 8th Annual Streamy Awards for his heroism... and virality.

The Streamy Awards is the first year that dogs, "the internet's favorite animal," have their own category. Creator of the Streamy Awards Drew Baldwin told Billboard, "The world wouldn't be the same without dogs, lives are often transformed because of them, and it's time that we honor all the joy they give to us."

Todd beat out two other contenders for the award, Louboutina, "The Hugging Dog," who became famous online for giving warm hugs to everyone she meets on the streets of New York City, and Pierre, a therapy dog who dresses up as a variety of different characters to bring joy to UCLA's Mattel Children's Hospital and LAX. The winner was determined through an online vote, in which fans picked their top choice. INSIDER has reached out to Milk-Bone for further information on what the honor entails.

When Todd saved Godwin back in July she wrote on Facebook, "

Todd spent 12 hours in the animal hospital, but has since fully recovered, thanks to anti-venom the vets administered right away. Now Godwin wants to help other pet owners be able to get the same treatment.

Godwin told Billboard, a fundraiseranti-venom

You can watch Todd win "Milk-Bone Dog of the Year" at the Streamy Awards here.

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