The Africa Visa Openness Index Report has compiled a list of nations that have decided to open their borders to travellers across the continent.

Number one on the list isSeychelles, followed by Benin. These two countries are the only ones that offer visa-free access to all Africans.

Seychelles has the best beach in Africa  and eighth across the globe

The rest are divided into three categories; no visa, visa on arrival and visa required.

Here are the top 10 visa-open countries in Africa for 2018:

Seychelles- visa free access to 53 countries

Benin - visa free entry to 53 nations

Rwanda - visa free (15), visa on arrival (38)

Togo - visa free (15),  visa on arrival 38)

Guinea-Bissau - visa free (14), visa on arrival (39)

Top 10 visa-open African countries 

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Uganda - visa free (18), visa on arrival (34), visa required (1)

Ghana - visa free (17), visa on arrival (35), visa required (1)

Cape Verde -visa free (16), visa on arrival (36), visa required (1)

Kenya -visa Free (18), visa on arrival (33), visa required (2)

Mozambique - visa free (9), visa on arrival (44)