A parenting community in Nigeria, Babymigo has been named among the 50 most genius companies in 2018 by the Times magazine.

Babymigo is an online community that connects mothers-to-be with information, medical experts, services and other parents. The platform is equipped with an SMS subscription service for pregnant women that informs them of prenatal appointments and their babies’ development.

The 50 most genius companies in 2018 were selected by a global network of editors and correspondent based on originality, influence, success and ambition.

Aryn Baker, Time magazine’s Africa correspondent, said Babymigo was selected for its effective ways of connecting mothers-to-be with information, medical experts, services and other parents.

Adeloye Olanrewaju speaks on Babamigo's selection as one of the most genius company

“It is humbly. We feel excited to be a part of the 50 genius companies in the world. The most important thing is about telling us to work harder and see how to live to the standard that has been set before us.”

“It is an interesting time for us as a company,” Babymigo co-founder, told Business Insider SSA in a phone interview.

“Every day, approximately 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth - 99% of them in developing countries such as Nigeria, where lack of education is as much a cause as poor health care.”

“There are 10.4 million babies born every year in Nigeria, and every one of those mothers is hungry for the kind of information we provide,” Times quoted him as saying.

Below is an excerpt from the interview with Adeloye Olanrewaju:

BISSA: Where do you see Babymigo in the next years?

Adeloye Olanrewaju: To be the biggest parenting platform supporting mums across Africa. Most importantly, to be that brand that is helping to reduce maternal and newborn mortality across Africa. The plan is to expand to different countries and to scale the platform

The target is to reach 20 million mums by 2020. I know this sounds unachievable but we are working hard to achieve it.

BISSA: What are the challenges so far?

Olanrewaju: I think we have our challenges especially as an Africa-focused business. Registration of business alone is a challenge in this part of the world. But how we will scale through is to learn from various mistakes and challenges. With the team and what we are passionate about, we can always fathom challenges ahead.

BISSA: Which are the expansion plan for Babymigo?

Olanrewaju: We are a data-driven company. We maintained where our traffic is coming from. Interestingly we have the traffic coming from few countries in Sub- Saharan Africa. This will help us form the decision on which way to go.

We are looking between 6 to 8 months for the expansion plan to happen.

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