The government of Rwanda has awarded a Nigerian businessman and billionaire, Gilbert Chagoury one of the highest honours in the country.

According to a publication by Forbes, Chagoury was conferred the ‘Igihango’ title which is a national order of friendship medal. More so, it is one of the highest national honours in the East African country.

President Paul Kagame noted during the ceremony which was held on November 18, 2017, that Chagoury was an envoy of goodwill for the country. Chagoury was pivotal to a peaceful relation between Rwanda and the Vatican, when some issues seem to keep them apart.

“The purpose of our various National Orders is to honour extraordinary contributions to our national life. Doing so serves to inspire our young people to conduct their lives with the highest principles and ambitions," Kagame said.

"This ceremony will, therefore, be a regular occurrence, allowing us in due course to recognize the many others whose achievements fortify our country.”

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Chagoury and eight other personalities were conferred with the honour.

Who is  Gilbert Chagoury?

Gilbert Chagoury is a Nigerian with a Lebanese root. He is a billionaire businessman, a goodwill diplomat and philanthropist.

Chagoury heads the Chagoury Group that is constructing the Eko Atlantic city, Lagos. One of the modern metropolis that is poised to change economic fortune of Africa.

He is also the owner of the giant Eko Hotel & Suites in Lagos.

Chagoury is an ambassador of the Caribbean Island of Saint-Lucia to UNESCO in Paris. He also holds a similar diplomatic position for the Vatican city.

He is also an advisor to many African leaders. He served as an economic adviser to a former president of Benin, Mr Mathieu Kerekou.