• Southwest Airlines
  • Phoenix
  • Loudin Krueg, used his cell phone to film the Southwest Airlines employee throw luggage labeled "live tropical fish," with multiple bags and boxes flying through the air.
  • We’re aware of the video and have handled the situation internally, also having reached to our Cargo Customers to ensure there was no damage in the shipment."

A Southwest Airlines baggage handler was caught on camera recklessly throwing around luggage at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, according to multiple reports.

KARE 11 NBC reports that a Phoenix resident,

In a statement to Business Insider, Southwest Airlines said, "

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In a longer statement to ABC News 15, Southwest Airlines also said, "The video is deeply concerning. We expect our Employees to treat all Customers’ luggage and cargo as they would their own. We will work with the Employee to retrain on policies and procedures to prevent this type of handling again."

Krueg, the passenger who filmed the baggage carrier, was on his way home from shooting a film in Puerto Rico and had fragile camera equipment in his luggage, KARE 11 NBC reports.