4 reasons 'Made in Nigeria' products are not bought

Although there is an increase in awareness created about made in Nigeria products, they still are not valued.

There are people who would choose indigenous products anytime, even if they are of the same price with foreign ones. Also, many patronize foreign products even if they are three times more expensive. Consumer purchasing habits, therefore, vary owing to some factors.

Some consumers believe that purchasing local goods promotes patriotism. This has led to foreign brands being accused of being a threat to the country's economy and employment level.

1. The belief that made in Nigeria goods are inferior


In Nigeria, people are of the belief that made in Nigeria goods are inferior and that goods manufactured in other countries are better. As a result, most Nigerians tend to not buy made in Nigeria products and go for foreign manufactured products.

2. The quality of made in Nigeria goods

No one will ever want to buy a product that is of low quality. Most made in Nigeria products are of low quality either as a result of the producers trying to make a bigger profit or over management of resources.

3. Lack of proper advertisement


A lot made in Nigeria products are not given proper advertisement and there is a lack of awareness created about made in Nigeria products. This means even if there were interested Nigerians, they are unaware of the existence of such products.

4. The high price of made in Nigeria products

When consumers perceive a price difference between local and foreign item, it will begin to affect their preference for local goods.

In other words, if they notice that local items are more expensive than foreign ones, they go for the foreign ones. Nigerian producers and manufacturers want to make quick money or supernormal profit and in the process increase the prices of their goods to the level of the ones produced in other countries.


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