In Scotland and the Isle of Man, Halloween's Celtic roots are honored through Samhain celebrations.

symbolizes the divide between the world of the living and the world of the dead

such as bonfires and dancing

Another fall holiday is actually a bigger deal than Halloween in the UK.

Guy Fawkes Day

told Smithsonian Magazine

In the US, costumes aren't always "scary."

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a 2017 survey from the Halloween Industry Association

Brits don't go wild with Halloween decor.

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There are some Halloween treats you can only get in the US (and vice versa).

others are only available in the UKRaphael Gomes it seems candy corn and pumpkin spice cotton candy aren't a thing across the pond. But spooky sweets like Nestlé Milkybar Ghosts and Cadbury Pumpkin Patch Cakes are sold seasonally in the UK.

Trick-or-treating is more common in the US.

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But it has origins in the Scottish and Irish tradition of "guising."

as the Eve of All Saints Day or All Hallows Eve

children still go guising.

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A city in Northern Ireland is famous for its annual, four-day-long Halloween fest.

Banks of the Foyle Carnival

2015 USA Today readers' poll

In Scotland and Ireland, it's traditional to carve a rutabaga or turnip instead of a pumpkin.

can possibly be traced to an Irish legend

told the BBC

"Mischief Night" is a thing in some regions of the US ― but it has origins in the UK.

New Jersey and surrounding areas

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