These are the 15 cities with the worst traffic in the world - there is one noticeable absentee

The cities with the worst traffic congestion have been revealed by TomTom in its 2018 Traffic Index.

Traffic jams

The report, gathered from across 403 cities in 56 countries, found that Mumbai in India has the highest congestion levels in the world. Here, commuters spend an average of 65 per cent extra travel time stuck in traffic.

The Colombian capital of Bogota follows with 63 per cent congestion. Lima, the capital of Peru, comes third with 58 per cent. 

Here are the 15 cities with the worst traffic in the world:

  • Mumbai
  • Bogota
  • Lima
  • New Delhi
  • Moscow
  • Instabul
  • Jakarta
  • Bangkok
  • Mexico City
  • Recife
  • Bucharest
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Kiev
  • Dublin
  • Lodz

Despite the increase in traffic congestion across the world, Ralf-Peter Schäfer, TomTom's VP of Traffic information, remains hopeful.

According to him, TomTom is "working towards a future where vehicles are electric, shared and autonomous so that our future really is free of congestion and emissions. We have the technology to make this future happen - but it takes a collaborative effort. From road authorities to governments; car makers to car drivers, we all have a part to play."


Lagos state is missing

One noticeable absentee from this list is Lagos, Nigeria's largest city. It is notorious for its congestion which has Lagosians spending hours in traffic on a daily basis.

One reason for this is the fact that the population is currently hovering between 9,013,534 according to the 2006 National Population Commission census and over 22,553,924 according to claims by the state government.

A contributing factor is a surge in the number of private vehicles combined with the bad roads and the state's inadequate transport system. These four factors making Lagos roads a nightmare to motorists. 


This explains why Lagos was ranked as one of the worst places to live in the world last year.

According to Mercer, the largest human resources consulting firm in the world, the megacity has the worst quality of living in 2018.

In the annual ranking, Lagos ranked low (212), followed by Durban (89) which is the second African city on the list.

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