How to Fix Twitter Video Quality Easily: using simple steps

Why the Video Become Low Quality After Uploading to Twitter?

How to Fix Twitter Video Quality Easily: using simple steps

Uploading a video with crisp details and beautiful colour quality on some online platforms such as Twitter could be frustrating. This guide would help you to understand the process of why this usually happens.

First, the base of the video is on the user’s internet connection. If you have a bad/slow internet connection, Twitter would temper with the video quality and reduce it to optimise the best user experience.

Second, in order to save user’s uploading time of a video, Twitter uses video compression, a feature that reduces the overall size of the video. Suppose you have recorded a 4k video of 30mbs, it will compress the video to 10mbs, making the Twitter video quality horrible.

Lastly, you do not record every video in the same manner; each video has its own format. The format works according to the device by which you record your video. Twitter supports some particular formats, not every video format and this results in Twitter’s bad video quality.

Tips to Fix Twitter Video Quality

Now we would discuss some easy methods to get rid of that blurry and pixilated video by doing some easy tweaks and learn how to improve Twitter’s video quality better.

The most common solution to the problem would be fixing your internet speeds which would keep Twitter to least interfere with your viewing experience and tempering your video quality, so consider switching to a better internet providing facility.

If you have the best internet facility and the best internet speeds, the next suggested fix is the video format. The recommended/best format is the MP4 video file format by Twitter. It supports MOV file types, but the best is only the MP4 file type.

If these given quirks do not work for you, consider using WonderShare Repair it Tool for the best results.

  • Select any video from the list and hit repair.
  • Preview the video for any errors or issues. 
  •  If the video is still unable to work properly despite the quick fix or an error, you can further use the advanced mode to improve the quality further.
  • Hit the advanced repair button available at the bottom of the page.
  • Select the desired path for the files to save and wait until the whole repair process is complete.


Twitter is a huge platform with billions of views on its videos almost daily. Many officials worldwide, celebrities and spokespersons use this platform, yet it is not perfect and needs further optimisation for the best user experience. People end up facing issues like the video quality issues as we have discussed in this article. These are temporary fixes and may change with time. Twitter should come up with a permanent fix so that users may enjoy a more hassle-free user experience. For the free online version of the video repair tool, you can see this version if you can’t afford the premium version.


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