• While most modern modes of transportation are generally quite safe, you can give yourself a leg up safety-wise by knowing where to sit in a bus, boat, plane, or other conveyance.
  • Certain parts of planes, cars, trains, buses, and boats can be safer for passengers and have resulted in fewer fatalities or injuries.
  • We rounded up the safest places to sit while riding in cars, trains, buses, and boats.
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Whether you're hopping into the front seat of your own car, settling in beside the window on a passenger jet, or finding a spot on a busy train, there are certain safety considerations to take.

Fastening seat belts is of paramount importance, of course, especially in a motor vehicle. On a plane or train, you identify the nearest exits, and on a boat, you should know where flotation devices can be found.

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As it turns out, where you sit can also have an impact on your safety, so going beyond these standard precautions and choosing the safest seat in the car, plane, or bus can help keep you safe in the unfortunate event of an accident.

We pulled data from multiple sources to figure out the safest seats in different types of vehicle. Hopefully, you'll never have to put any of this to the test, but if you do, at least you'll be sitting in the right place.

Here are the safest places to sit in every kind of vehicle.

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