The colourful print that has formed inspiration for major fashion brands all over the world is a beauty. Known in different names including ‘Dutch wax’ in Ghana, ‘Kanga prints’ in Tanzania and other East African countries as Ikat, Batik, mud cloth and so on, the print is a global phenomenon!

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Ankara has been exported all around the world, Stella Jean's designs are largely influenced by the trend, Duro Olowu also uses the versatile print in his works and back in Nigeria the likes of Lisa Folawiyo, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi have made African print a huge part of their designs.

The fabric intended as batik knockoffs for Indonesians is one of the most versatile fabric around the world. Synonymous with West Africa, these print designs come in various forms but they all retain a certain richness, vibrancy, bold motifs making them stand out everytime.

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The now famous print became accepted in West Africa because of its bold colours, stand out prints and bold tribal tendencies. The Ankara print fabric is presented in twelve (12) or half six (6) yards.

Because it comes in 100% cotton (most of the time)it's versatile enough to be crafted into any style; traditional or modern so much that it's easily the most used fabric for any design; dresses, skirts, capes,accessories become unique when done in part or as a whole in Ankara and they are accepted all over the world.

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The Ankara's versatility, richness in colour, durability, uniqueness and timeless appeal makes it one 'trend' that will transcend centuries and continue catching on globally.