Amazon Prime Video is quietly acquiring Nollywood content - here are 7 Nigerian movies on the platform

'The Delivery Boy' is one of the Nigerian movies streaming on Amazon Prime Video
  • More international streaming platforms are joining the race for content from Nollywood, one of the largest film industries in the world. 
  • Amazon is one of these brands helping Nigeria’s film industry reach a much wider audience.
  • It joins Netflix, which has been on the continent since 2016.

Amazon Prime Video has been quietly adding to its library of Nollywood content.

Here are some of the latest Nigerian films to join this American Video-on-Demand (VOD) platform:

  • The Delivery Boy

Adekunle ‘Nodash’ Adejuyigbe's critically acclaimed movie tells the story of Amir, a teenage orphan boy with a bomb vest, who runs into Nkem, a young prostitute, while trying to escape a mob.


It had the highest number of nominations at the recently held Africa Movie Academy Award (AMAA) where it won in the Best Achievement in Visual Effects category.

  • 4th Republic

Written by Zainab Omaki, Ishaka Bako and Emil B. Garuba, the movie follows the main character Mabel King as she runs governor in Northern Nigeria. This political thriller explores the violent interference that occurs in Nigerian elections.

  • Three Thieves

Set in Festac, Lagos, this comedy follows three frustrated friends as they face the unforseen complications that come with taking a seemingly low-risk, high-paying job.

  • Light in the Dark

This drama explores tribalism and trauma as it follows a young couple on the brink of divorce after a gang attacks them, and forces the husband to decide who gets to be raped, his wife or daughter?

  •  Children of Mud

This award-winning film tells the heartbreaking story of two orphans (Emem and her blind brother) desperately in need of a miracle after they are chased out of the house by their aunt.

  • Merry Men: Real Yoruba Demon

Ay’s 2018 blockbuster follows four rich, stylish men who steal from the rich and give to the poor. The sequel of the action-comedy is currently showing in Nigerian theatres.

  • Gold Statue

Directed by Tade Ogidan, this mythical drama tells the story of two brothers who go out in search for a gold statue.


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