• A Facebook group called RVs 4 MDs is connecting medical workers in need of temporary housing with RV owners across the US and Canada.
  • Medical workers working on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic risk exposing their families and roommates when they return home.
  • Launched on March 24, the volunteer-run Facebook group has over 22,000 members and counting as of April 7.
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Medical workers looking for alternative housing to avoid exposing their families to the coronavirus have a new place to turn: RVs 4 MDs.

Started on March 24, the RVs 4 MDs Facebook group is connecting RV owners with medical workers in need across the US and Canada. As of April 7, the volunteer-run group has over 22,000 members.

The idea for the group came about after Emily Phillips, a mother of three living in Texas, posted on Facebook asking if anyone had an RV that her husband, an ER doctor, could live in temporarily to avoid exposing his family to the coronavirus, CNN reported . Holly Haggard, who also lives in Texas, responded to the post and offered Phillips her RV.

"Before the RV, I was a nervous wreck. Every time my husband walked in the door or put his hand on something, I thought we were going to get (Covid-19), including my baby," Phillips told CNN . "But now that he's in that RV, I'm back to my life, focused on my full-time job and my kids, and it's completely changed our situation."

The two launched RVs 4 MDs to help others in similar situations.

Group members who own RVs are asked to post a picture of their vehicle as well as its location. Healthcare professionals are asked to post details about why they are seeking temporary housing as well as their city and state. Both RV owners and medical workers must also fill out a Google form , which the group links to in its About section as well as in a post pinned to the top of the discussion board.

RVs 4 MDs states in the form that its sole purpose is to make connections and that any discussions regarding upkeep and site fees are to take place between matched parties.

The team of volunteers has been sharing stories of successful matches on its official Facebook page and announced on April 1 that over 1,400 people had offered their RVs to medical workers.

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