• Ryan Buchanan decided to prank his parents, Mike and Rashelle, with a Christmas gift this year.
  • He told them it was a portrait of Jesus, when really the painting he gave them was of Ewan McGregor's character Obi-Wan Kenobi from the "Star Wars" films.
  • When Buchanan spoke to INSIDER, he had admitted the prank to his dad, but his mother still didn't know the painting wasn't of Jesus.

A Utah man gave his parents a portrait of Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi for Christmas, and his mother hung it on her wall thinking it was Jesus.

Ryan Buchanan shared video of the prank on YouTube , in which his parents unwrap their Christmas gift and find a framed portrait of McGregor's character from the "Star Wars" films.

He also shared a picture of the portrait hanging on his parents' wall on Reddit , with the caption: "I've made a huge mistake. Mom loves her Jesus Christmas present and Im not sure how to get out of this thing alive when she figures it all out."

Buchanan told INSIDER via email that his parents, who are active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, are passive movie watchers who may have seen him watch "Star Wars" growing up, but likely hadn't seen the full films themselves.

He said there have always been paintings of Jesus in his childhood home, so he figured gifting another portrait would be the perfect time to play a prank on his parents, Mike and Rashelle.

Buchanan was inspired by another Reddit user, u/kwar42, who made a joke that Obi-Wan looked like Jesus several years ago.

"It stuck out to me as looking like a picture we had growing up of Jesus," Buchanan told INSIDER. "I kind of chased that thought to, how funny would it be if my parents didn't recognize who it was and actually hung it up on the wall. I have always tried to get away with things or pull some pranks on my family members and this seemed perfect."

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Video of his parents opening the gift show them admiring the portrait and showing it to family members.

But now that Buchanan's post has gone viral, he knows that he has a limited time until his parents find out that the painting was a joke.

His parents, in fact, had already noticed something was a bit strange.

"He said that this morning they walked past it and my mother said something along the lines of 'there is something off about that Jesus picture. Im not totally sure I like it,'" Buchanan recalled. "Which went hand in hand with what she looked like as she opened it. She knew something was off but wasn't sure what. My dad kind of hung around saying it looked really familiar to him. He said "it almost looks like Obi-wan Kenobi." But figured it was just coincidence.

Now that the post is going viral, Buchanan decided to give his dad a heads up and now his dad can't stop laughing.

"As of now, Im keeping my fingers crossed, mom doesnt know. Still working on my exit plan there," Buchanan joked.

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