Red wooden horses run are deeply ingrained in the culture of Nusns, Sweden.

"Dalahstar," or "dala horses," are traditional handicrafts that have been around for centuries.

They are commonly known as children's toys or sometimes religious items. They've also been used as a form of currency. Today, they are a national symbol.

And it's not just any old red used to paint them. It's Sweden's famous Falu red a classic, rusty red-orange color that comes from the mines in the region of Dalarna.

Nils Olsson Dalahstar is one of the oldest dala horse factories in Sweden, started by two brothers in 1928. And it's still in the family today.

Artisans start with locally sourced pine or alder wood. They stamp the outline of the horse onto the planks, and carpenters roughly shape the figurine with a band saw.

This is the only part of the process that uses a machine and they want to keep it this way.

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