• Chinese imports are reportedly piling up at Indian ports leading to supply chain disruptions, as the two countries fight on their Himalayan border.
  • Many Chinese raw materials used by Indian businesses, such as pharmaceutical goods and mobile parts, are not passing entry clearance, according to Bloomberg.
  • A clash between Indian and Chinese forces earlier in June led to the death of more than 20 servicemen.
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India and China's border dispute in the Himalayan region is rapidly spreading into the economy, with supply chains in both countries at threat.

Apart from an ongoing cyber stand-off, and a border clash earlier in June that led to 21 deaths, Chinese imports are stalled at Indian ports awaiting government clearance, according to a Bloomberg report .

Indian companies are known to purchase a range of raw materials from China right from pharmaceutical ingredients meant for medical drug consumption to internal components in mobile phones.

But incoming shipments are now getting delayed and directly impeding entry of goods into the country, Bloomberg said.

Indian customs authorities have not been permitting consignments from China and have offered no explanation as to why, Dinesh Dua, chairman of India's Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council, told the news agency.

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