• 2020 Valentine’s Day is here, and there’s the feeling of love in the air!
  • It is a time when people express love by way of gifting their loved one’s various items.
  • Business Insider SSA looks at 5 financial investment options you can gift your lovers on Valentine’s day.

This weekend, Nigerians will join the rest of the world to celebrate St. Valentine's Day - an annual love feast celebrated every February 14.

During this time, the usual gifts include flowers, jewelry, ice cream, dinner at an expensive restaurant, a movie date, perfume, and top-notch designer clothes.

Valentine's day gifts(LYFE REPUBLIC)
Valentine's day gifts(LYFE REPUBLIC)

This year, Business Insider SSA has another option for you. Instead of going the usual route, how about showering your loved ones with stocks, treasury bills and other investment packages?

These gifts will make you stand out, create a long-lasting impression, increase their cash flows and help secure the financial future of your loved ones.

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Here are five financial investment options you can gift your lovers on Valentine’s day:

1. Buy local and foreign stocks

Be different this Valentine’s day and let your loved one become a shareholder in any public listed Nigerian company. Instead of the regular jewelry or flowers, you can get stocks from any publicly listed companies in Nigeria. Shares in GTBank, Dangote Cement, Nestle Nigeria, Access Bank, and others can be brought and monitored online.

Nigerian stock market trading floor
Nigerian stock market trading floor

You can do this through some stockbroking firms’ apps. Wealth.ng app is one such popular apps offering gift products in Nigeria.

You can also buy foreign stocks, mostly in dollars, from apps offering US stocks and hedge against inflation and devaluation risks. Some of the apps include Trove, Chaka, Bamboo, and Rise. Some stocks get you shares on Tesla, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and likes.

You can even buy stocks in your loved one’s favourite companies.

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2. Fixed Income - Treasury bills and bond

You can make your spouse and other loved ones feel financially empowered with a risk-free treasury bill. With N10,000, you could get up to a 5% return per annum. You can also buy bonds. A typical example is the monthly federal government saving bond. These types of Valentine’s gifts keep growing.

Fixed income: Your next addition to your investment portfolio
Fixed income: Your next addition to your investment portfolio

3. Drop some funds in your partner’s stash account

Increase loved ones’ financial discipline, help them grow their stash accounts, and increase their investment. Apps like Cowrywise and Piggybank offer some savings-investment schemes.

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4. Help open a mutual fund account

A mutual fund is the pool of money collected from many investors to invest in other securities. Stanbic IBTC, FBNQuest. The mutual fund increases your loved ones’ stream of income and net worth.

Buying land in Nigeria is a smart investment
Buying land in Nigeria is a smart investment

5. Investment in Agriculture, Real Estate, and other schemes in his or her name

Invest in agricultural products and real estate with good yearly returns in his/her name, and it could be one of the best Val’s gifts ever. Get stuff that will empower them financially.