5 Ways To Enhance Your Video Marketing Strategy

Today, the average internet user prefers viewing videos rather than any other form of digital content. Brands were quick to acknowledge this trend and have video as an integral part of their digital initiatives. Most such brands are on the constant lookout for video marketing tools that will allow them to deliver better results to their target audience.

5 Ways To Enhance Your Video Marketing Strategy

A retrospective look at video marketing would reveal that smaller brands have started preferring it as this gives them a fairground to compete. Larger firms have realised that it is easier to attract consumers with a video rather than a well-written text. As a result, the internet is flooded with promotional video content, and it is a Herculean task to compete for the attention of the internet user.

In such a situation, merely having videos as a part of one’s digital initiatives will not suffice, and you need to walk the extra mile and strategise it well. Here are five tips that will allow you to give your video marketing strategy the boost that it deserves.

Tell A Story About Your Business

The human mind is fond of storytelling, and you can leverage this trend by using video to tell your business story. These can include product review videos, tutorials on product usage, introductory videos on your company, or even testimonials from satisfied customers. With video, the viewer can look into the eye of the presenter and establish better communication.

Further, if you can create a video series wherein you tell your business story, it will be easier for you to have the viewer glued to your website or brand page. Such digital initiatives also allow potential customers to associate a face to the brand. This establishes brand familiarity and makes them more likely to choose your brand over the competition.

Make Your Video Accessible

In the inclusive world of 2021, you need to ensure that your videos echo similar sentiments. The most important step in inclusiveness is the addition of subtitles. A good fraction of social media users have their phones on silent while using Facebook or Instagram. Often, they watch videos from busy places such as stores, cafes, or public transport.

Having a visual element such as subtitles allows the viewer to comprehend the video content better. When a viewer enjoys your video, they are more likely to share it with their peers, and that increases your reach.

Further, in today’s globalised world, you cannot expect all your potential customers to be fluent in the language of your video. An easy way to bridge this gap is to provide video translation by adding subtitles in multiple foreign languages. These days high-end video editing tools like Invideo come with an intuitive interface making it easy for you to add subtitles to your videos.

Optimise Your Video

Every day millions of hours’ worth of videos are uploaded on YouTube every day, and it is very easy for your video content to get lost in the crowd. Understand that for your audience to appreciate your video; they need to find it. You need to spend time evaluating the platform’s practices where you intend to post the video and then optimise the same.

For example, while posting a video on Facebook, you should ideally upload it directly instead of sharing links to videos posted elsewhere. While targeted videos do well on Facebook, the same cannot be said about Twitter. On Twitter, it is generic videos with the appropriate use of hashtags that get viral.

For video optimisation, you must identify keywords relevant to your video content and use them in the video title and description. Videos with titles less than 60 characters tend to fare better. You can also have backlinks to your videos or link the video to the website for maximum traffic.

A good faction of modern video viewers uses their mobiles to access videos. If you can optimise your video for mobile viewing, you will be earning brownie points. Lastly, videos that have an eye-catching thumbnail have higher chances of being viewed as compared to others.

Think Over Your Call-To-Action

While planning your video marketing, you must have a clear picture of what you expect of them. An efficient way of getting them to do what you want would be by adding a CTA to your video. Ideally, you should have the CTA at the very end of the video. When a viewer completes a video, they demonstrate their interest and are more likely to respond to your CTA.

The CTA can take the viewer to a landing page or website or direct them to a piece of relevant content or video. You can also use the opportunity to ask your viewers to connect with you on some other platform, subscribe to a newsletter, or offer them a free trial of your business offering. If you are looking to boost your YouTube engagement, you can also ask a question in the CTA and direct your viewers to respond to it in the comments section.

Analyse Your Video Performance

At the last stage of your video marketing strategies, you need to understand that the only way forward is to evaluate your mistakes and learn from your shortcomings. Spend time to understand how your video publishing platform works and study your view count. Knowing the play rate will tell you how many unique visitors clicked on the video, and that will determine the ROI that you can expect.

Evaluating the video comments will tell you the viewer's vibe, and that will help you come up with videos that appeal to your target group. Studying the overall engagement and social media sharing will give you a better picture of what is resonating with your audience. You can then plan your future video marketing strategies accordingly and achieve better results from them.

Thus, you see that such proactive measures on your part will help you understand your audience and give them what they expect from you. With these five tips, you will build the foundations of a solid customer relationship and drive your brand’s success story.

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