A Romanian man was so broke that he had to put up his virginity for sale, but got no offer.

Seb Ciercies announced his intention to sell his virginity to any interested person in Brasov, a city in Romania.

“Man, 29, Brasov. Athletic and toned, dark haired. I'm selling my virginity. Price: 850 Euros. Transport not included,” Seb wrote in a newspaper ad.

Weeks after the he put up his  virginity for sale, Seb didn’t get any offers.

“I don't understand it. I'm a good looking guy with a good physique. I thought someone might even offer me more. I'm healthy, I'm no but I'm not ugly either,” Seb said.

According to Seb also bemoaned the fact that he forgot to specify if he wanted a male or a female buyer but still got no offers from gays.

“I forgot to specify male or female in the ad and I didn't even get any gay takers. It doesn't do much for your self-esteem to be rejected by absolutely everybody in the world,” Seb further added.

Seb took out the ad to pay off debts he has run up through unemployment and having to care for his diabetic brother.

“I've worked hard in the fields and in farms all my life. It's tough work but it has given me a great body. I thought people would be keen to try it out,” Seb said.