He is also the author of

In light of the recent fuel brouhaha and tomato scarcity, you’d find it difficult to disagree with the book.

As an author and social critic, Sogunro discusses the relationship between Literature and social change. It is said that Literature us influenced by social change and social change can influence literature.

Sogunro’s scathing essay ‘Shame on you my Dear President’ is as funny as it rings true. He discusses the essay and the effect he hoped it would have on Nigerians who read it.

If you are familiar with Nigerian Literature, then you have read or at least heard of Chinelo Okparanta's  denut novel ‘’ which addresses the issue of same sex relationships and Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) rights.

Sogunro discusses LGBT rights in Nigeria, he is of the opinion that LGBT rights in Nigeria is still a myth because Nigerians do not even have basic and fundamental human rights first of all.

According to him, when Nigerians are given full rights as human beings first, then we can discuss sexual rights as well as other  'minor' rights such as religious rights.