American boxer

Joshua is born to Nigerian parents but fights for the United Kingdom although he hugely identifies with his Nigerian roots.

Wilder who will likely be Joshua’s next opponent, however, believes the 28-year-old does not fight like Africans.

“Take AFRICA off your Arm. They’re warriors. You from UK brotha,” the American wrote on Twitter after Joshua’s win via unanimous decision on Saturday, March 31.

Joshua has a tattoo of Africa with Nigeria highlighted on his left arm.

Wilder accepts Joshua's challenge

Wilder was also reacting to Joshua’s post-fight comment about being ready for him.

“Wilder let's go baby, let's go! I want Wilder,” Joshua said in a post-fight interview.

Wilder took to Twitter to accept the challenge although he believed the decisions of the judges were wrong.

“What a robbery... WOW‼️ @joeboxerparker great job Bro omg don’t apologize you did nothing wrong. True champion. @anthonyfjoshua, I ACCEPTED 100% ,” Wilder said on Twitter,.