Comics heavyweight

In 2013, a then-9-year-old boy named Joshua wrote to Alan Moore “I am writing because I want to know more about your comics including V for Vendetta, Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Swamp Thing. I also want to say thank you for making such amazing graphic novels and how did you make such wonderful things?"

Moore sent Joshua a touching reply including a copy of the his just published League book Heart of Ice, and some art by Kevin O’Neill for The Roses of Berlin.

The author closed by telling Joshua: “Thanks for calling me the best author in human history, which I don’t necessarily agree is completely true but which I may well end up using as a quote on the back of one of my books some day.”

The letter ends: “Take care of yourself, Joshua. You’re obviously a young man of extraordinary good taste and intelligence, and you confirm my suspicion that Northamptonshire is a county touched by the gods.” The sign-off is from: “Alan Moore. Best Author in Human History. In your face, Shakespeare, Joyce and Cervantes!”

Moore kept his promise; his massive novel Jerusalem, which is published in September, will feature Joshua’s endorsement as a blurb. Guardian UK reported.

Alam Moore is the genius responsible for writing such classics as Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Moore is an occultist, ceremonial magician, and anarchist.

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