Zaynab Quadri

Zaynab Quadri
Zaynab is a senior associate at pulse.
Self-described as "book obsessed and African lit lover," her life revolves around reviewing books and taking book pictures. Follow her on Instagram/Twitter @Zaynabtyty
Wellness: 10 ways to herb up
Wellness 10 ways to herb up


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Drinks Iced Mocha Fusion Shake

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Drink Cappuccino [Recipe]

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Drinks Make your coffee spicy and delicious

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Drinks Vegan almond milk [Recipe]

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Healthy Recipe Amazingly good eggnog

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Fitness: Go fast and furious
Fitness Go fast and furious


Weddings: Bridal beauty routine
Weddings Bridal beauty routine

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Healthy Drink Detox with this medicinal juice

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Healthy Recipe Try this twisted ginger drink

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Drinks Italian Cream Soda [Recipe]

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Drinks Cucumber and Apple smoothie [Recipe]

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Drinks and More Orange glorious [Recipe]

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Drinks: Iced Coffee [Recipe]
Drinks Iced Coffee [Recipe]

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Drinks: Strawberry shake [Recipe]
Drinks Strawberry shake [Recipe]

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Drinks Groovy Green Smoothie

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Drinks: How To Make Lemonade
Drinks How To Make Lemonade

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Drinks: Spicy mango orange slush
Drinks Spicy mango orange slush

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Milkshake: Chocolate Surprise Milkshake
Milkshake Chocolate Surprise Milkshake

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