Grooms Here are 4 things you must do to shine on your wedding day

For a groom to experience the best on the wedding day, here are four things that must not be ignored.

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Be the perfect groom

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Much is often made of how the Bride should look and behave on the wedding day, and this is normal.

However, the wedding day is about two people being joined. So we look into how grooms can be at their best on the day they take their brides down the aisle.

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Get fit before the d-day

You need six months before your big day to convert the flabs to abs. This is not an article to dwell on what forms of exercise you should engage in – just try and get it done.

Mind you, this is not encouraging you to become over-muscular and all, [You could, if you want to] all you basically need is to become as fit as possible. You won’t regret this.

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Get a haircut and a shave

Simply logical. Get yourself the best haircut you can afford and consider one that actually complements the shape of your face.

You’re meant to be ravishing on your wedding day. So you might want to include well-cut nails to the list of things to do. Both on your hands and feet.

You might also want to consider getting to the dentist's.

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Best behaviour at your Bachelor’s Party

If your friends insist on a bachelor’s night and whisk you away, try hard to retain your wits around you- by staying off the booze [at least don’t have too much]

It’ll also do wonders for the BP of your bride if you text her at least once during the night.

Consider a surprise performance for the bride

Do a song [if your voice won’t spoil the speakers], or a choreograph with the groomsmen. If it’s a poem you can manage, read it to her.

These steps are guaranteed winners. All the time.