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As part of the events marking Social Media Week 2017, the guys at General Electric’s Lagos Garage hosted young tech entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to an interactive workshop on 3D printing. 

While the conversations on the new language of technology entered the fourth day at Landmark Centre, Lagos, this session was held at Mansard Place, Victoria Island, Lagos.

After a brief introduction of the participants, GE Africa's Brand and Digital Lead, Yewande Thorpe kicked off the event by outlining their key objectives, and the reason for their many free initiatives.

The Garage is an innovation hub where GE hopes to integrate young Nigerians into the tech space; it holds training programs 4 times a year where 25 selected people are taught the intricacies of 3D printing using top-of-the-range equipment and methods.

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The course was facilitated by Akinwole Akinpelu who broke down the concept of 3D printing. With the aid of a presentation, he explained the various forms, as well as the resources needed to print an object.

3D printing is done in three stages; the model is created using software such as Tinkercad and Rhinocerus, the model is then fed into software that configures into layers and then code in a process known as slicing. Finally, the 3D printer does its magic.

When participants noted that 3D printing could not be used to make large objects. GE Lagos Garage Program Director, Rich Tanksley added that there are 3D printers the size of a large room.

After refreshments and a tour of the facility, the participants became creators; the entire team was split into three groups where individuals designed models that were printed in 3D.

Social Media Week enters its fifth and final day on Friday, March 3rd 2017 with a bevy of panels and sessions at the Landmark Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.