Even after thousands of years, people the world over continue to mesmerized by the wonder and majesty of the Holy Land.

This is why of Christ’s Embassy continues to take the faithful there on a regular basis. He and his church have recently returned from their Holy Land 2018, and lives were changed forever as a result of the special memories that were made along the way.

This years Holy Tour saw hundreds of believers from around the world going with on a spiritual journey through Israel and Jordan.

The schedule each day was purposefully built around allowing people to see holy sites of extreme spiritual significance to individuals of both the Christian and Jewish faiths.

Each location had Pastor Christ teaching relevant scripture to those in attendance, and every participant was able to walk in the very steps that the faithful have for centuries. This allowed people to closely commune with God in a way that they never before imagined.

This particular Holy Land Tour in 2018 was special for two additional reasons. The state of Israel celebrated the 70th anniversary of its true independence as the Jewish homeland.

In addition, the American Embassy was finally moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem afters years of planning. With Jerusalem being the debated capital of Jerusalem, America’s move there signified their support of the state of Israel in a significant way.

In early 2018, President Trump officially announced his nation’s intention to move the Embassy to Jerusalem, even in the face of opposition from many around the world.

This signified once and for all that the United States was in support of officially recognizing Jerusalem as the true capital of the Jewish state. Pastor Chris was blessed to have been officially invited to a reception in honor of this move, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. While he was there, a warm welcome was given to him and his guests.

There were a number of government officials and private citizens from the Jewish community there to greet him. He felt truly honored and blessed to have been a part of this special event.

This year, the tour of the Holy Land lasted for a memorable eight days. Participants were able to take in a number of special places during this time, including Caesarea, the Tomb of Lazareth, the Sea of Galilee, Abu Gosh, and Mount Hertzel.

These are places that until now many of the participants had only been able to envision in their dreams and through the pages of the Bible.

Being able to see each site up close and personal brought special and renewed religious significance to each person in an individual way.

A lot of time was taken for personal reflection, with many participants expressing that they have never felt as close to God as they have on this tour with Chris Oyakhilome.

Some of the members of the tour chose to take a side trip to visit some holy sites in the nation of Jordan, further adding to their repertoire of religious knowledge.

During the trip, Pastor Chris encountered numerous opportunities to minister to the local people, and this was a blessing to the participants of the tour as well.

Every individual attending the Holy Land Tour in 2018 expressed that they felt blessed to have spent a little over a week of their lives in the presence of Pastor Chris.

For his part, Pastor Chris continues to feel humbled in terms of how the Lord is using him to minister around the world. He continues to be the spiritual leader of Christ’s Embassy, but he is also focused on reaching out to the world as well.