Vehicle Ban Ben Bruce calls closing the borders "a disservice to our people”

For Senator Bruce, shutting down the land borders in order to stop the importation of cars is not a good idea. Find out why.

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Used cars. play

Customs duty

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Senator Ben Murray Bruce has reacted to the Federal Government's ban on importation of used and new vehicles through land borders.

According to This Day, the businessman and politician thinks the ban is a bad idea because it could lead to lack of jobs.

In his words, "If you shut the borders, then you’re going to create massive unemployment among millions of people who live in the border towns. The inefficiency or incompetence of Customs should not be the reason you shut down borders rather you improve the quality of Customs and border patrol in Nigeria.”

“When I built the first movie theatre in Nigeria, Nollywood came to me and said that I’m killing Nollywood because my theatre prevents them from exhibiting their movies, which, those days was on VHS- and that James Bond movie will be superior to Nollywood movie.

“So, I asked them a question, do I reduce my standard to accommodate you or do you increase your standard so you can make more money. Ten years later, I won the argument and now they are making millions of dollars.

“So, if you shut down the borders because of the incompetence of Customs and those who guard our nation, then it is a disservice to our people.”

“Customs officials who do not do their job should be fired."

Customs duty play

Customs duty

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Moving on to made-in-Nigeria cars, Senator Bruce showed his support for the industry.

“I believe we should all drive made in Nigeria cars and also believe we should buy what we like but we must create the environment to buy made in Nigeria cars," he stated.

Ben Bruce stepping into his Made-in-Nigeria car play

Ben Bruce stepping into his Made-in-Nigeria car



He also encouraged the banking sector, through the Central Bank of Nigeria, to create a seven-year loan with a five percent interest.

According to him, doing this would provide young graduates with the opportunity to buy locally made cars, worth three to four million naira.

“Also, you insist that all government officials should drive only cars that are made in Nigeria, buy law," he added.

Made-in-Nigeria Peugeot 508 play

Made-in-Nigeria Peugeot 508


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This is not the first time Bruce has supported the local automobile industry.

In the past, he has said, “I have three Innoson vehicles and I have no complaints; even if I have complaints, I will call the company. Innoson is presently fixing a fighter jet and if we can follow his example the country will be better for it.”

Innoson Motors car (made in Nigeria) play

Innoson Motors car (made in Nigeria)



He also criticised Governor Ambode for buying foreign vehicles, rather than supporting the made-in-Nigeria movement by making locally manufactured cars.

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