Traffic Tip of the Week 5 simple ways to prevent accidents

It does not take a lot to prevent traffic-related accidents. All you have to do is use these five tips.

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Avoid accidents by obeying traffic rules play

Avoid accidents by obeying traffic rules

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There are accidents that can be prevented and there are those that are out of our control.

It can be frustrating to think of the crashes that we can not do anything about.

However, it is important and empowering to remember that there are some that you can actually stop by doing the right things, and following our hints.

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Here are five simple tips that will definitely prevent accidents.

For Drivers:

1. Always look out for pedestrians and other vehicles/bicycles, e.t.c.

Road safety tips play

Road safety tips



2. Drive at a reasonable speed and use the traffic lights.

Avoid accidents with these tips play

Avoid accidents with these tips



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For Pedestrians:

3. Use the traffic lights.

4. Use pedestrian bridges.

5. Make yourself visible to drivers by wearing bright clothing and stay out of harms way.