Nigeria has been at war with Ghanaians over their native food for a long time.

So, we have decided to conduct a poll! Do you prefer Banku to Fufu or you would rather not eat any? Cast your vote below:

Akpu is a Nigerian dish made from fermented wet paste of cassava. This is done by soaking the cassava for a few days, this helps to soften the roots as well as reduce potentially toxic carcinogenic compounds contained within.

Once its fermentation period is complete, it is then boiled till soft and pounded till it's smooth, firm and elastic with a dough-like consistency and can be served with any Nigerian soup.

Banku, on the other hand, is a Ghanaian dish cooked with a mixture of fermented corn and cassava dough in hot water into a smooth, whitish consistent paste. It is often served with shito or a pepper sauce with fish.