5 years ago a certain idea was born. It was a business model which incorporated broadcasting and musical branding to capture the thriving urban shift in the lifestyle of Lagos, and Western Nigeria. After careful tweaking, deliberations, hiring, and dynamic refining, the Beat 99.9 FM was born.

5 years later, they had become the ultra radio station. Combining sophistication and an innovative business acumen, the broadcasting giants had found the right mix. Olisa Adibua had been drawn in from his comfort zone at Cool FM, Gbemi did the crossover routine too, Toolz was snapped up after her sojourn in the UK, Jimmy brought on his erratic sporting brain, Osi Suave, fresh from his internship at Rhythm FM, found a new home to grow, and Fade Ogunro belonged from the start. She too made the trip from a distant land.

Armed with a team of the best and beautiful brains and voices, they had a mission: One radio station, to rule them all. And yesterday, we saw the strength in their mission.

This week's Industry Nite which celebrated the 5 Year Anniversary Of The Beat FM 99.9 was the best of this year's weekly concert. The crowd which came out in support of their success was willing to pay for the access. Celebrities who have benefited from the magnanimity and support of the broadcasting firm, came out in their numbers to show their loyalty and appreciation. Beat FM affords them the chance to have their songs connect with the fans, and many have been known to achieve success on the strength of that alone. So their loyalty have been earned over the years.

Organization of the event left a lot to be desired, but it was not in the region of awful. With the crowd being at its greatest strength, control was ultimately an issue.

All good celebratory events ought to have 3 ingredients to make a good party rock. Free booze, good singing, and an odd fight. Smirnoff took responsibility in the booze department, dishing out drinks to set everyone on their path to blissful alcoholism. The Beat FM Crew were between there livers in alcohol. They have had a fair flow of it, and had become gay in their dealings. Only Olisa Adibua abstained, and that was because a greater responsibility weighed on him to marshal the performers and MCs.

Good singing was in abundance. Celebrities of various calibres and strength in talent were all over the place, and many got the chance to perform. A night were Patoranking, Harrysong, Skales, Praiz, Olamide, Blackmagic and many more took the stage, no one can honestly lay claim to rubbish entertainment.

The odd fight came from a man influenced by alcohol became a nuisance. He got admirably violent, and had to be let out without too much manhandling. What a sight it was. Real sport! bring it on!

In the end, the aim was achieved. A celebration held to celebrate the 5 year of beauty and strength of the most urban radio station in Western Nigeria was epic. The good folks at the broadcasting outfit had put together hardwork and shine to be at the pole position that they occupy. Calculated branding had helped too, but that is business of the game.

That night will be remembered for all of time. And so will the Beat 99.9 FM.