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What Men Think Which Is Best - Shave Or Unshaved 'Vjayjays'?

Could exposing your private part in public cause many to ask this same question (above)?

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What Men Think: Shaved or Unshaved? play

What Men Think: Shaved or Unshaved?

Rita Ora exposes an unshaved vjayjay at the 2014 Milan Fashion Week play

Rita Ora exposes an unshaved vjayjay at the 2014 Milan Fashion Week

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British pop singer Rita Ora suffered a little wardrobe malfunction during the Moschino Dinner at Milan Fashion Week in February. The singer was seated with her legs wide open between a man's head when the slit of her dress revealed her all-natural wonders to a percy photographer.(Sorry we can't show the uncensored pictures here)

That led to the question of men loving to see, touch, feel a shaved or unshaved Vagina - whether in private or public scenarios. Many guys  said this

"Shaved! Jesus! It looks clean and tells me she values her personal hygiene. Also shaved draws more intimacy during sex" - Jason

"I love both! lol. Many people love it that way, so do I" - Gbenga

"Shaved is the best! I allows me to easily give her a 'head', you know, go down low, lmao!" - Peter

OMG! Bushy is crazy! It's disgusting and very dirty! I hate it with hair down there; on any woman. Shaved is smooth and juicy - Kabash

I go for Shaved any day because hair might harbour bacteria and cause diseases. - Isaac

Left for me, ladies should  go bald from head to toe. Hair confuses me but with hair, I can move around easily, quickly and smoothly - Joey Akan

I love the bush abeg! i love it when it rubs on me. I guess it makes me cum faster - Ani

Shaved of course! Too much hair is irritating - George

Shaved just proves that the lady keeps it tidy and she's very conscious of herself and her smell. sometimes bushy pu****s can smell and its not good at all - Noel

Well there you have it 9 guys have given their opinion, what do you have to say to this and besides; how smooth do you want the Vjayjay to be: should it be trimmed or waxed?

I Love it very smooth so waxed is perfect! - Chinedu

Get into this people and tell us more!