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Tally This is not just sex [Episode 18]

He stared at me as I lay sprawled on the bed naked.

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This is not just sex play

This is not just sex

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He stared at me as I lay sprawled on the bed naked. He was clad in just his briefs and it looked obscene as his cock pressed against the material.

‘You are so, so beautiful, Amara.’ His voice was a husky murmur as he stared at me hotly. He came closer and half-kneeled on the bed, his hand stroking his cock through his briefs absently. ‘So beautiful.’

I sat up slowly to look at him. I looked from his face to his hand on his cock, that cock that I was addicted to. I didn’t know when I bit my lower lip, my eyes heavy-lidded. He smiled at me as he crawled towards me till he was leaning over me completely. My back was pressed against the bed as he hovered above me. He bent and his face came closer and closer till we were breathing each other in.

Then he kissed me. Slowly. Softly. Tenderly. I tried to open my mouth and make the kiss more passionate but he raised a hand to cup my face gently. He kissed my lower then upper lip repeatedly, nipped then soothed with his tongue. He concentrated solely on my lips and before I knew it, I was panting into his mouth. Mewling as I hungered for him to deepen his kiss. He stopped kissing my lips and began to kiss down my body. From my neck to my collar bone. He bypassed my breasts completely and kissed each rib as I tried to rub against him. I could feel my cunt juices slipping out of me and down my inner thighs.

‘Adeniyi, please.’ I begged.

‘Shhhhh.’ He slipped a finger into my mouth as he used the other hand to pin my waist down, his large hand cradling me completely. I sucked the finger in hungrily and heard him hiss. ‘I’m taking this slow, Amara. Lie back and relax, okay?’

He trailed the now wet finger down to my navel and traced round it before slowly, wetly licking right next to the finger as his lips and fingers went down to my pussy.

I was breathing heavily now, eyes tightly closed and hands fisted at my side as I waited in anticipation. The moment I felt his lips on my clit, I keened loudly. He ignored me and kissed my clit and pussy lips like he was kissing the lips on my face. He sucked and lapped and mouthed my clit. His lips fondling. His tongue swirling round. My legs went round his neck as I tried to pull him closer but he separated them and held them firmly to the bed, his mouth still working gently but intensely.

I could feel my orgasm building and I tensed, trying to stop it. I could not believe I was going to cum so fast. Then he slid a finger into my cunt and began making a ‘come here’ motion. I erupted so suddenly, my mouth could only hang open in surprise and powerful pleasure. He kept on licking and sucking through my orgasm as I struggled to roll away from him, my clit sensitive as fuck. He held me closer, not letting me move and before I knew it, I could feel another one building. Roiling like a tsunami.

‘Ade…Ade...Adeniyi…’ I gasped, my eyes now wide open, staring at the ceiling but not really seeing anything. ‘FUCK, ADENIYI!’ I screamed and felt liquid spurt from my pussy. My whole body was trembling and flopping and it seemed like I was having an out-of-body experience. I didn’t know when he released me and got off the bed to get a condom but he must have because I heard a crinkle then felt him slip into me slowly. I gasped weakly as he did so. He lay on me, almost fully. His hands were intertwined with mine as he clasped them by my head, thrusting gently but deeply. Firmly but slowly.

‘Look at me,’ he whispered as I tried to close my eyes. The feeling was too intense. Him in me, his eyes on mine, the soft smile on his lips, his hands clasped in mine. It was too much.

‘Adeniyi…’ My voice trailed off.

‘Amara Nnechi, I can’t do this anymore.’

I shook my head as he spoke but he continued as he kept on thrusting in me.

‘This distance between us. I can’t. I’m in love with you. I’ve fallen in love with you and I can’t help it. I think about you constantly. I feel like I’m home with you. When I’m around you. When I’m in you. I love you. It wasn’t supposed to happen but…’ He stopped as tears began to slide down the sides of my face. He bent to lick at them then he kissed me as I cried.

Tears of joy. Tears of sorrow. I didn’t know but I cried. I cried as he fucked me. No, I cried as he made love to me. As his thrusts got faster and faster. Deeper and deeper. As he began to grunt with each deep thrust. As he sped up. As I felt my orgasm build. As he made love to me faster. As he whispered just before he came,

‘I love you.’

I came with a sob, my cunt walls clenching and unclenching around his cock as he pulsed in me. It was rapturous.

It was wrong.

But it felt so fucking right.

Adeniyi was in love with me and I had a feeling I felt the same way too.