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They're having sex with their eyes...and everything else play

They're having sex with their eyes...and everything else

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So it’s weekend again...

It is that time of the week when you get back at life for all the punches you sucked-in over the busy week.

But that is not all...

We also use the weekend to make it up to our loved ones, who had to become second fiddle to our jobs.

And making it up is not only about time — it is mostly about SEX, hot SEX.

Now, if you're not married... you should avoid having sex this weekend.

LMAO, scratch that... you can have sex but don't go into the honey-pot without protection.


I'll tell you why.

  1. Aids is still real: Yes, these days we hardly fear HIV/AIDS because we now have drugs for managing the condition. But the truth is that there is no cure for it yet and you'd rather stay healthy than live your life regretting that short moment of pleasure.

  2. There are many diseases out there: Do you know there are many sexually transmitted infections (STI) and venereal diseases (VD) waiting out there? If your health is your concern, then a sort of protection is very necessary.

  3. You're not ready for pregnancy: Even when all health risks are eliminated, pregnancy is still an issue. I'm sure you're not ready to be a mother or be a feather. If you were, you'd have been married to him or her in the first place. So, wear a rubber.

  4. Nothing is wrong with protected sex: Is sex with a condom that bad? It isn't, especially if you do a lot of foreplay and focus less on penetration. Discover her/his body and explore new realms of pleasure.

Immediately you're done reading this, go to a chemist and get some good condoms because prevention is better than...